Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet our Newest Intern!

Christine Foulke
BCE Intern

Hey everyone! I'm Christine Foulke, the new intern here at Boldly Chic Events!  Today is my first day and I'm so excited to start working!  I am a senior at IUPUI majoring in Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management and will be graduating in December.  I have always been obsessed with weddings, galas, and parties of any kind pretty much.  I love being creative and the best way to express that is being in the special events industry! I've had a lot of event experience in the past through classes and jobs, but I can't wait to learn more about weddings and I know I will be able to do that here at BCE!  Here's a few more details about myself!

Favorite Special Event I have Attended:  I attended the Heartland Film Festival Awards Gala held in downtown Indy and it was amazing.  The theme was "The Pink Palace," everything was covered in pink; pink illuminated the walls and tables and white feathers and jewels adorned all of the centerpieces. There were celebrities everywhere and I was completely starstruck!

Favorite Part about Weddings:  The meaning behind weddings is what I love.  To be a part of someone's special day and creating something that they envisioned is an amazing feeling.

Looking Forward to Most at BCE: I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of the brides and making their visions come alive.  I can't wait to hear their ideas and actually make it actually happen.  At the end of the day, I'm looking forward to seeing a really happy bride and groom!

Favorite Indy Spot:  Can the mall be my first choice?? There are sooo many favorite places I have in Indy.  The canal, Mass Avenue, and Tastings (a wine bar and bistro) are just naming a few!

Favorite Magazine:  Cosmopolitan, that's a no brainer! I love fashion and seeing the latest trends.  I can be consumed by these magazines for hours!

I cannot wait to start working with Lori and to be consumed by wedding bliss!!

Boldly Yours,

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