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How to WOW your Guests

Every bride wants their wedding to gorgeous and unique, however most of all, they want it to be MEMORABLE!  There are many simple ways to really impress your guests, but here are just a few that are guaranteed to WOW them!

For the Out-of-Towners

Create a Welcome Something (bag, basket, get it!)
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  •           Fill an inexpensive (but lovely) container with goodies that guests will be greeted with as they check in to the hotel.  Guests will be so excited to receive something and will appreciate this gesture!  Stick to treats that you enjoy, like a bottle of your favorite wine or beer.  Add a snack from a local bakery or sweet shop! Personalize it with something you and your fiance love!
  •       Don’t forget to include a list of restaurants, shops, and entertainment that are close to their hotel.  Also, include a small (don't overdo it!) itinerary so the guests know exactly where and when they need to be somewhere.
Welcome Guests Appropriately 

Create a Wow-Welcome Video
  •       You may not get the chance to greet every single person that came to your wedding, so here’s a great way to let everyone know you appreciate them coming! Play this video as guests are seated for dinner!
  •              This is such a creative idea and will really show you and your fiance's personality! Take a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean!
Forget the boring aisle…

  •       Create something remarkable for you and your bridal party to walk down the aisle on! Not only will this look amazing in photos, you are guaranteed to stun your guests!
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 Make your escort table a show-stopper!
  •             The escort table is usually one of the first things the guest sees as they walk into the reception area.  Instead of just placing cards on a plain table, try these inventive ideas!
  •             Write guest names underneath each table number on old windows or mirrors for a vintage chic look.
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  • This is a unique and clever way to guide guests to their seats.  Have servers stand at the entrance to greet guests with a signature drink that lets them know where their tables are!

Roll in Style!

  •       Instead of rolling away in your mom’s station wagon, search online for creative get-away vehicles!  Imagine being picked up by a vintage or classic car…so elegant!  

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  •           For you other farm girls out there like myself, here’s an option for us!
                                                                   Trust me, NO ONE is forgetting this!
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                  Let your guests participate!
  •       This idea is so fun!  When you send out invitations, slip a customized Mad Lib sheet in the envelope!  Guests can fill in the blanks with their silly, and probably hysterical, phrases and have them send them back with the RSVP.  Display these somewhere at the wedding, so guests can see what everyone wrote!


Try some of these ideas for yourself or make up your own! Your guests will be chatting about your amazing wedding for months!

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