Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY with Care

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Many brides assume doing everything themselves, from décor to stationery and hair, will be less expensive and easy enough.  Unfortunately, many learn the hard way that is just not the case.  Even if you are normally a crafty, do it yourself-er.

There are many problems that you may run into trying to do everything yourself.  So, before you jump into the DIY jungle, here are some things to consider:

1.  The projects might make you more stressed than you originally imagined.  Projects will probably take longer than you think, cost more than you think and cause more problems than you could have ever imagined.  We hear this from our brides, and mothers of the brides, all.the.time.

2.  Fun won't cut it.  Don't get us wrong, certain DIY projects can make for a very personal and meaningful wedding.  But, the falsities behind these projects is what we hate to see.  Brides tend to think of these projects as "fun" and then, by the time the wedding day is here, they are completely over it and in a terrible mood about it.  That is just not okay.  

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3.  Money-savings rarely pan out.  Case in fact, spray painting 30 vases to use as centerpieces instead of having your florist provide will NOT save you enough to truly make a difference to your budget or mindset.  I PROMISE.  

4.  Your helpers might resent you.  Friends and family will probably be more than willing to help you on your big day, but their projects may suffer if they crack under the pressure.  When wedding day finally rolls around wouldn’t you feel better if all your family and friends were stress-free and able to enjoy the party themselves?  They could sit back and enjoy your wedding rather than stressing out and missing parts of it.  For example, maybe Great Aunt Mearl is too busy re-filling her casserole dish and missed your first dance with your new hubby.  This is where professionals may come in handy, everything will be done without any worries! Besides, you don't want you family to reminisce about your wedding day by chatting about all.that.work they had to do and how exhausted they were, do you?

5.  Choose projects wisely.  We do love DIY ideas that our brides come up with.  And, many work out perfectly.  However, we will always tell our clients when we think they have piled their plate too high.  So, we suggest you choose from the DIY buffet slowly and strategically.  Do only a few projects that have true meaning and will add something unique to your day.  Leave the fussy stuff to the pros as they are worth their cost and so is your wedding day.

Your wedding day should leave you blissfully unaware of any minor or major issues that may happen.  Vendors and planners will handle most issues so you and your groom will enjoy your day, rather than be running around handling things yourself or staying on top of family members to get them done.

Hiring a coordinator will help you with many aspects, especially recommending vendors that are in your budget, making it easier for you to avoid the DIY rut and keeping you smiling all the way through the end of your reception.

DIY with Care and you keep this all in mind and your day will be wonderful!

Boldly yours,

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