Friday, October 12, 2012

On Track or Overboard?

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There is something I tell every single bride that I work with...and here it is:  Don't go overboard with the wedding blogs.

With so much wedding-related garbage scattered across the web, it is easy for any bride-to-be to spend hours on their computer dreaming of their big day details.  But, it can also very easily take them off track and confuse a girl!  

Here are some tips to stay on track when gathering online inspiration for your wedding instead of going way overboard...

1.  Choose 3.  Instead of diving into every new wedding blog you just stumble upon, dedicate your time to three.  Select three that you know fit your style and that speak to you every time you visit.  This insures your design will be cohesive and not cluttered with ideas from all over the web.  Unless you like that hodgepodge feel...

2.  Don't forget the glossy stuff.  Magazines are still a wonderful way to gather ideas for your wedding.  And, they tend to be more organized and easy to sort through than an online resource.  Plus, you can tear out and keep all your favorite ideas in an easy-to-reach place.  This "something old" way of doing things is sometimes more fun anyway!

3.  Pin with caution.  Pinterest is a great thing.  But, it can also be your worst enemy when planning an event.  With so many ideas and photos to see, it is very easy to stray from your original vision.  Tread carefully with this tool and definitely don't rely on it throughout your planning process.  Besides, a LOT of what you see on there is (I hate to say this!) outside of the average wedding budget.

4.  Be yourself.  Stay true to who you are and don't be a copycat.  Just because you see something you love on a website doesn't mean you have to recreate it for your day.  Why not use it as inspiration and build off of the photo or idea?  Bring some of your own creativity to every idea you love - custom is always better!

5.  Remember your peeps.  I know how pretty and fun the visual details are when it comes to a wedding.  But, don't lose sight of what the day is really about - taking a vow before all your closest "peeps" that you will love and cherish your other half, forever and ever.  The Internet has zero to do with or offer in this regard.  

As you plan and plan and plan...enjoy it, of course!  But, don't waste too much time on the Internet searching for the "cutest way to depart at the end of the night" or "the best backdrop for a ceremony".  You might miss out on just being engaged - and all the fun stops on the road to the aisle.  

Boldly Yours,

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