Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Photo by Lauren Weghorst 

Cake (or a fabulous alternative) is a must at every wedding.  Even I (who hasn't eaten a piece of cake since around 2001) believe this.  

Many BCE brides tell me "I don't want to do the traditional cake-thingy" and I tell them "no prob!"  But, I then go on to advise them that they should consider something similar, as guests will be watching and waiting for it.  Besides, there are so many options to choose from today!

Photo by Molly Connor

So, amidst the other details you are planning for your big day, keep the following in mind as you plan this anticipated dessert course:

1.  Come Prepared.  When you begin meeting with dessert/cake vendors, bring things that inspire you.  That includes more than just photos clipped from a magazine or found online.  Fabrics, ribbons and other tangibles are very helpful to your confection designer.

2.  Waste Not.  Don't worry so much about whether or not your cake (or cake substitute) will get eaten.  Ask your selected vendor for their advice and take it.  They are the expert and cutting corners to save costs in this area does not always work as well as you might think.

Photo by Cory + Jackie

3.  Personalize & Tweak.  You know the traditions surrounding the oh-so-important wedding cake.  From saving the top tier to cutting it and feeding your new spouse, these activities have been around for ages.  But, in this day-and-age, it is important and expected that you will add your own twist to these fun conventions. Think outside of the box!

4.  Don't copy-cat.  With everything out there to see on the Internet and in magazines, be yourself and try not to copy an exact replica of something you see elsewhere.  You will regret not creating something custom and unique to your wedding.

5.  Display Properly.  Last and definitely NOT least, think through your dessert display.  The cake (or substitute) becomes such a tremendous part of your reception and making it stand out and presenting it beautifully will not only get guests excited, but will create a great memory for you.  We, here at BCE, happen to be obsessed with the design of a dessert table.  Ask you planner and dessert designer for input - and be sure you keep in mind the size of the cake or other desserts being displayed.  Losing it on a much-too-large table is a common mistake amongst brides and venues.

Photo by Jessica Strickland

As we always recommend, leave much of the above to the experts you hire - but certainly be prepared to bring a sense of "you" to the table (no pun!) as well.   Choose something you enjoying eating, looking at and something that is special to you, as a couple.

Boldly Yours,


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