Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick & Easy - New Year's Eve Party Tips have waited until the very last minute to pull together a NYE party at your place.  No biggy.  We've got your covered!  Here are five easy, fast ways to make it a look like you are a master party planner...

1.  Buy pre-made.  Forget about doing the baking and cooking yourself.  You don't have the time.  Go to the grocery, look around to see what is already made and can be set up and presented on your dishes and platters.  Veggies, Fruit, Meats, Cheeses, Dips, Frozen Hor d'oeurves will always do the trick and your food spread will still look amazing!

2.  Game plan.  Plan a fun game for guests as they enter the party - pen and paper games are easy to pull off and will take a whole two seconds to set up.  For instance, ask guests to write their NYE resolution on the piece of paper and throw it in a {gorgeous} bowl.  Before midnight, have all your guests draw from the bowl and try to guess which resolution belongs to who.  Believe me, this can become very amusing after everyone has had a few glasses of holiday punch.

3.  Theme it.  Ask all your guests to dress in their favorite or least favorite fashion fad of the last decade. Themes really are making a complete comeback...

4.  Tie in the Tunes.  Music is key at any party.  Take the small amount of time you have to gather up a playlist that focuses on the past year or decade's top hits. 

5.  Get Creative with the Decor.  Use what you have.  Don't go out and run all over town trying to find the perfect decorations.  You probably have just what you need right at your finger tips (or in your basement).  Eclectic (non-matchy) is actually IN nowadays.  Make it work!

New Years Eve is all about fun, friends, laughs and new beginnings.  Don't stress too much about your last minute party - enjoy the evening and know that you pulled off something really great for all your guests to enjoy!  

Boldly Yours,

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