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13 New Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

Last year we rang in 2012 with Busting 12 Wedding Myths...and, while we might be a tad late this year, we still wanted to share 13 great tips as our way of toasting to a new year of fabulous BCE weddings!

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These are all ways to help brides and grooms keep their budget in line and are ideas we think are somewhat "new" to the world of wedding planning.  So, consider this a "secrets spilled" post!  You are welcome.

Here goes...

1. Set it and don't forget it.  I put this at the top of the list because I think this is a top tip.  Without setting a budget and working to stick to it, you certainly aren't going to save yourself any pennies.  So, whether your budget is average or sky-high, have a number and work around that.  You don't want to go overboard just because you can...  

2.  Go against the wind.  I know everyone wants a beautiful summer wedding.  Or, maybe you are dreaming of a peony-infested spring wedding.  Both are gorg', don't get me wrong.  However, off-peak-season will save you lots.  Bring back the January, February and March nuptials and you might just see a much smaller bottom line.

3.   Table it.  Who says you MUST have all round tables in your reception area?  Think about creating several long, rectangular style tables that seat more, instead.  This could cut your centerpiece and linen count way down. 

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4.  Decorate Differently.  There are so many great vendors out there that provide non-floral decor options.  The Flair Exchange &  Geronimo are just two fabulous examples.  Plus, making a "wow" with other materials is always unexpected and fun! And, local florists and designers are sure to have items for your use as well!

5.  Be the Early Bird.  Because you will get the worm. I know you are going to instantly hate this tip...but, hear me out.  Hosting your wedding earlier in the day changes things up and truly will allow you to save in LOTS of areas - menu, venue and more.  Consider it tres chic instead of a faux pas.  I think a morning ceremony and brunch reception could be really fabulous. Bloody Mary's, anyone?

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6.  Be Paper Smart.  Make some of your stationery items for wedding day serve more than one purpose.  For example, the menus could also serve as place cards, the tables numbers could also serve as the menu or centerpiece, etc.  Your stationer should have tons of ideas to aid you on this one!

7.  Don't be afraid to ask.  Chances are that you know someone, somewhere that might be an expert you could use on wedding day.  Maybe you know a college friend that has been photographing weddings under her own company for years or perhaps your hairdresser has become a wonderful friend - ask them if they may be able to help with your day by offering a discount or special family/friend price.  Disclaimer: I do not recommend calling in friends and/or family to help with wedding-specific duties - I am simply referring to true professionals here!

8.  Go Intimate.  This is definitely a trend I am seeing more and more.  Whether you choose to have a small, private ceremony and celebrate with a larger group at a later reception or you choose to host a small group from start to finish - you will save money here.

9.  Forget the Blank Slate.  Lots of brides are looking for a venue they can decorate and turn into anything they want - a white space.  If that is in the budget, great.  If not, work to find an affordable venue that has gorgeous-ness without you having to bring it all in from the outside (equalling loads of cash).  Keep this in mind as you site shop.

10.  Celebrate at Home.  This is definitely a new "vogue" in weddings.  If you have the space, backyard or otherwise to host your soiree at your home, childhood home or other special abode, this will not only save you money it will add a sense of "special" you just can't find anywhere else.  Granted, you must remember that you will likely need to bring in several rentals (tables, chairs...) - there are so many other areas where the cost will decrease - catering (because now you have your choice), booze, space rental fees and more.

11.  Save on your Ride.  You certainly don't need to give up on  being transported from here to there on wedding day.  But, why not do something simpler and keeping it just to you and your bride/groom?  Black town cars, vintage classics or even......bicycles!  Savings are all over the place on this one, people!

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12.  Skip things.  Decide what to skip on and what to splurge on.  Items that can easily be skipped and not missed might include favors, save-the-dates and a candy bar!  

13.  Head back to the basics.  Less is more this year.  Minimal, fantastic and pretty will make for a no-fuss, less-spend kind of affair.  Details are still important, but you might just need less of them.

All in all, saving money isn't something that has to mean your wedding looks or is "cheap"...not in the least!  None of the above mean you have to skimp on your special style or priorities.  I am a huge proponent of smartly saving when and where you have to...without comprising anything you love.

Make your wedding exactly what you want, be realistic with costs on the front end and everything else should fall perfectly in place.  

Boldly Yours,

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