Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Kaiti!

Kaiti Cooper, BCE Intern, Spring 2013

Hi everyone!  I’m Kaiti Cooper, the new intern at Boldly Chic Events!  I am currently a senior at Purdue University and will be graduating this May.   Through my position in my sorority as Alpha Phi’s Director of Internal Events, I have found my passion for event planning.  I had the opportunity to plan all of our dances as well as help out with the planning of Mom’s weekend, Dad’s weekend, and some of our philanthropic events.  I’ve also had a lot of experience with planning themed parties, birthday parties, and spring breaks since my friends so graciously seem to always nominate me to be the coordinator of everything.  

My favorite part about event planning is getting to see everything finally come together and seeing the enjoyment and gratitude of all the guests.  It is such a rewarding experience when all of the hard work finally pays off.  I have always been obsessed with weddings, especially now with my friends getting engaged and married.  I can’t wait to learn more about wedding planning which I know I will be able to do here at Boldly Chic Events.

My favorite event that I have planned would have to be my sorority’s Boudreaux Dance.  While we usually have three or four dances a year, Bordeaux is the only formal dance and is by far the biggest turnout.  Since this is the one dance that is not themed, I got to use my own creativity with the location and decorations.

At BCE, I am most excited to see how a wedding in planned from day one all the way through the day of the actual event.  I am excited to learn about all of the planning and detail that goes into a flawless wedding.

My favorite place to grab a bite...I can always find something delicious at Panera.  I also love Italian so Maggiano’s is another one of my favorites.

My favorite place to find a great pair of shoes...I love the store Aldo!  I can’t go in that store without buying a pair of shoes.  My favorite brand of shoes though would have to be Steve Madden.

My favorite thing about Purdue...It is hard to pick my favorite thing about Purdue since I love everything about it!  I love how it is such a prestigious university, how homey & beautiful the campus is, the huge Greek system, Purdue athletics, and all of the amazing people I have met throughout my four years at Purdue.

Boldly Yours,

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