Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Planning the Perfect Vow Renewal

Vow Renewals are something we have been hearing about and seeing more of over the last few years.  Couples are taking the time to restate why and how they are committed to one another.  We think it is hugely romantic.

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But, the thought of putting together another life celebration can be daunting.  So, we thought it would be helpful to share 5 Ways to keep it sweet, meaningful and beautiful in every way...without feeling like you are going to lose your wits in the process. 

1.  Invite who matters.  You don't need to pull out your wedding guest list from five, ten, fifteen years ago.  Include only close family and friends in this affair.  That might mean you will have an attendance of ten...but it isn't about numbers, now is it?  Intimacy is a wonderful thing.

2.  Dress to impress.  But, don't dress to "wow".  Your wedding day has come and gone...this is your renewal.  Something that represents who and what you have become since you married all those years ago.  Think - Subtle. Fabulous. Sophisticated.  

3.  Feed with thought.  Of course you will need to entertain those that you invite with food and drink..that should go without saying.  Be creative in this regard and serve something that has meaning to you and your spouse.  Are you world travelers?  Serve a variety of cuisines through each course.  Or, do you love going to the movies?  Serve upscale movie fare.  Represent your old and new love through perfect.

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4.  Flow freely.  Instead of the traditional "wedding day" sure to create a less structured affair. Perhaps, instead of a formal ceremony where you restate your vows and then you head to dinner to celebrate...have guests arrive, enjoy drinks and bites, take their seats and then begin the vow renewal ceremony.  Directly following, dinner will be served.  It breaks it up and makes it completely different from any traditional wedding.

5.  Include others.  A vow renewal brings lots of recognition to the changes in you and your other half over the many years you have spent together...good and bad.  And, it probably includes a special moment or memory with the people you will invite to this occasion.  They have shaped you and your relationship - they are the ones that know you best.  Invite them to take part in the day, somehow and someway.  Perhaps they each say a few words or maybe you present them with a lovely gift - but, including each of them in some way will make the celebration very joyous.

A final thought to keep in mind is location.  Pick a place that is serene to you and your spouse.  Pick a place that feels like home.  Pick a place that you love and can't get enough of...

Vow renewals are so special - and should be planned with that in mind!  Breathe and enjoy the planning - all over again!

Boldly Yours,

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