Monday, January 28, 2013

We Heart This: Toss Tables!

Toss Tables.  You may or may not have heard about these.  But, we are in love with the idea and possibilities they bring to any wedding!  

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So, here is our BCE definition, if you will...

toss table (noun)
1. a beautiful setup of items to throw as a newly married couple exits their ceremony or reception

2. may include a number of small, non-harmful items for guests to choose from

3. will work for any style of wedding

4.  great alternative to bubbles, sparklers and bells

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Here are just a few items we think would be perfect on one of these little tables:
-colored pom-poms
-rose petals
-coffee beans
-dried florals

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Guests will love filling up fun containers with these little goodies and wishing you well as you and your beloved run off into your new life together!

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Have fun with this one - we think the sky is the limit!

Boldly Yours,

Secret: don't worry too much about the cleanup - that is why you have a wedding planner!

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