Friday, February 22, 2013

Loving What You Can't See

Many, many, many people do not understand what I do for a living.  And, I get it.  I mean, I can't physically show you what I do unless you want to spend 12+ hours with me on any given weekend.  

So, in the midst of a very busy and fun booking season, I felt it necessary to share the things we do, that are invisible to the naked eye...all in the name of our fabulous clients...(and we love it!)

1.  Research, research, research.  We spend hours finding and filling special requests.  If a client wants a sparkly, fabulous dance floor or an elephant to ride...we work feverishly to make that happen.  This includes hundreds of phone calls, emails, meetings and follow ups.  

2.  Triple, Quadruple check everything.  We have our clients back.  We look over every contract very carefully as it crosses our desk.  We want to insure we understand the guidelines that are now in front of our client and we want to insure everything seems in place.  This isn't a quick or easy job...even though it may sound that way.

3.  File.  And then file again.  And again.   We create organized, electronic and hard files for each client.  We keep everything.  We want to make sure we have all the details perfectly tucked into place and easy to reach at any given time.  

4.  Draft.  We draft timelines.  We draft floorplans.  We draft pay schedules.  We draft contact sheets.  We draft everything.  Then, once it is approved by our clients.  We re-draft and eventually finalize.  

5.  Go.  We are constantly on the go (even though we have all of the above to be doing!) to meetings and events with and for our clients.  From site visits to tastings to conceptual meetings, we are there to advocate and guide our clients as they need.  One misconception is that we take over, but that is not the BCE way, at all.  We listen and help when we can tell you want us to!

6.  Calm.  We calm our clients when they are panicked.  We calm other vendors when they are worried about a detail.  This is a huge part of our job before and on an event or wedding day.  

7.  Collaborate.  A great vendor team makes our job very easy.  But, those are not always the cards we are dealt.  Our job is to insure the vendor team our client has selected works together well, has all the info they need and is working toward the same goal at all times.  Team work can be tough - but it is necessary in the event world.

8.  Know. Our clients expect us to know.  So, our continued education on trends, happenings, procedures and more is a constant.  On top of that, we must keep 20+ events in our mind at all times.  And the 1000+ details in there too.  Trust me...having a baby didn't help this part of my job!  But, it is vital we have answers on the spot and we are ready for anything.

9.  Execute.  Event day is what everyone knows us for.  When I say "us" I mean planners as a whole.  But, as I often say, most (99%) of our job happens before THEE day.  We work long and hard to insure that the event day is set for success.  So, if we have done our job properly in the 200+ hours leading up to an event or wedding - the event should run super smooth.

We work.  Hard.  I promise.  There is a large misconception that a wedding planner's job is fabulous, glamorous, all things pretty.  And, to me, it IS those things!  But, it is always hard (wonderful) work!  Even more, there is a misconception that what we do is exactly what a mother-of-the-bride or best friend can do for zero cost...but, I am just not convinced of this.   

At the end of the event our footsies may hurt, but if our clients are smiling it makes it all worth it!  

Our services are nearly invisible.  But, in the end, we are happy that our clients recognize our worth and that we get to continue to do what we love!

Boldly Yours,

PS: The above is just a touch of what we do...the list goes on, and on and on and on.  You get the point.

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