Monday, March 4, 2013

Hotel Weddings are SO Vogue

Photo by Angel Canary 
Wedding at Conrad Indianapolis

I just hate how hotel, ballroom weddings get a bad rap.  Especially since there are so many fabulous options in the Circle City.  Hotels have changed so much in the past several years and their offerings for wedding and event clients has improved and evolved ten fold.  

So, I chatted with some of my favorites to get their thoughts on the matter...and here is what they had to say...

Why do you think brides and grooms associate hotel weddings with a "nothing special" boxy, blank ballroom?

KATE EDWARDS, OMNI SEVERIN: Because a lot of hotel ballrooms are just that - big, blank and empty - but, not all of them!  There are hidden gems out there that have rich history and architecture that make them unique and gorgeous settings for a wedding.  

KRISTIN HOHLIER, JW MARRIOTT:  I believe brides get this impression because weddings are not the only type of events we host.  Since we do host corporate events as well, they know that it is a blank slate.  However, the great part about starting fresh is that the drawing board is all theirs!

Photo by Jessica Strickland
Wedding at JW Marriott 

What have hotels in the Indianapolis area done to improve the wedding experience for couples - making it different from other types of venues?

STEPHANIE RICE, CONRAD:  We have partnered with Evan Todd Spa and Salon to provide services for Brides, Bridesmaids and Mothers on wedding weekend.  This makes it so easy and convenient for our clients to get pampered and be worry free on the day of their wedding! 

KATE EDWARDS, OMNI SEVERIN: Hotels can now provide you and your guests with everything in one location and can include so much more in wedding packages because we already own it and have it on the property (tables, chairs, linens, etc.).  

Photo by Nathaniel Edmunds
Wedding at Omni Severin

Out with the old and in with the new - can you provide three old words associated with hotel weddings and three new descriptive words?

KRISTIN HOHLIER, JW MARRIOTT:  Old Words - Sophisticated, Traditional, Classy
                                                                     New Words - Sexy, Elegant, Fun

STEPHANIE RICE, CONRAD:  Old Words - Sterile, Cold, Boring
                                                       New Words - Unique, Full-Service, Convenience

We love the idea of our clients getting the very best service and attention possible on their wedding day and the days surrounding it.  That is why we continue to recommend hotels like the Omni Severin, Conrad and JW Marriott.  Their service is impeccable, the experience for their guests is incredible and their spaces are beautiful.  

We say trash the old outlook and attitude toward hosting your vows and celebration at a hotel!  They are back in style in a huge way!

Thanks to our contributors:

Kate Edwards, Catering Sales Manager, Omni Severin

Kristin Hohlier, Catering Sales Manager, JW Marriott

Stephanie Rice, Catering Sales Manager, Conrad

Boldly Yours,

Please note that only the Omni photo photo in this blog was a BCE event and client.  We take no credit for the other two photos/events - but wanted to share how beautiful these hotel spaces look on wedding day!

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