Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Coffee

This past week was like whoa.  Since getting back into the swing of things after welcoming our little girl in August, I have had a schlew of mixed feelings.  Let's see....

and the list could go on...

I think every new mom goes through this.  The push and pull is just inevitable.  

But, all that said, I think I can completely and with full confidence say that I am back.  In full force.  I am ready to take my little company to the next level and continue to give my clients the best experience I can.  I simply love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else.  Period.

What is great is that I know I am not alone.  Great ladies behind Making Things Happen, The Tiny Twig and others give me motivation and inspiration.  And support.  Even though they might not even know it.  So, if you can relate in the, read and read the above mentioned blogs.  For reals.

Not only did I wake up and smell my business potential this past week - my former and fabulous intern, Heidi, got engaged!  WHAT?!  I could not smile wider if I tried.  This news is the best and I am so happy for her and TK.  Amazing.  You are a beautiful couple and your wedding day is going to be equally as gorgeous.  EEK!

While I typically share things and not personal stuff - I think it is important to be transparent sometimes.  Actually, most times.  So, the tone of my blogging may begin to change a bit - but, I don't foresee any major complaints.  I promise to still share things I love - but will always share some feelings alongside that as well.  

So, that said, here is a favorite of mine lately - so custom and so fabulous!  Enjoy (I bet you can't resist ordering a little something...).  


Enjoy your week!  

Boldly Yours,

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