Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Coffee

What a week and weekend.  It was filled with wonderful client meetings, some networking with other great event profs in Indy and also some cherished family time.  I just can't believe wedding season is right around the corner (and already here for many!) and that my little bebe will be 8 months old in less than two weeks.  Cliches are true.  Time flies.  

Here are some things that have been floating in my mind over the last 7 days...that I wanted to share...

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Signage is something I love at any special event.  It makes things clear and concise and creates much less confusion. Chalkboards are still hip and that is why this little shop is rockin'.  Check it out if you are looking for a custom creation!

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I have spent the last couple days organizing my collection of accessories into clear, lovely stacking trays from this place.  And, no matter what anyone says, I could always use a new piece.  That said, I am slightly obsessing over leighelena.  Slightly.  Great idea for a Mother's Day gift!  As luck would have it - I am a mother now.  So that works out.  C'est chic!

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As for local love?  Well, Chef Joseph's is something that BCE Planner, Christine, had the opportunity to check out recently.  We think this is a great option for a small celebration, rehearsal dinner or just a dinner date!  Downtown Indy is lucky to have this on the "where to go?!" list!

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As I start to think about what this week has in store (and as I watch this late-March snow fall outside my window!), I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to continue to watch my little business grow into something that I have (and continue to) worked so hard to create.  My dreams are huge and I can honestly say that I am fast on my way to achieving many of them!  

Enjoy your week ahead!  

Boldly Yours,

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