Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Coffee

I seriously drink coffee throughout the entire day on the weekends.  Adam asks me in the morning "how much coffee should I make?"  I answer "I am going to be pouring it all day long..."  It might be overkill.     

So, I really do have a warm mug right in front of me as I type this...along with some Peanut M&M's...

My weekend was great.  My sweetie planned a day date on Saturday and Aunt Katie (who writes at Tomorrow with a Smile) and Uncle Justin played with our little love while we spent some time catching up.  Life has been busy.  Extremely busy.  And, on top of busy it has been a little heavy.  Big decisions are not easy and always wear on me a little.  So, it was really nice to sit and talk to my best friend and other half.  We enjoyed Falafel (not quite the NYC kind, but still delish) which I had been craving, created some glass pieces to be fused and enjoyed a sweet stop at pinkberry.  Oh, and a car wash.  It was just what I needed.  

Today was spent resting, taking care of some house projects and playing with our little girl.  The weather was fab and the day was easy.  Did I do a little slab of BCE work too?  Well...yes.  I can't help myself because sometimes it doesn't even feel like work.  It feels like fun.

This next week is going to be filled to the brim with "stuff" to take care of, but I am excited because at the end of it we will get to take our cutie pie to the Zoo.  The little things matter most to me - and Mia is pretty little! 

All that aside, I do have some fun stuff to share....starting with our 2013 Summer Internship opportunity.  So, if you know the right person - pass it on!  Interviews will begin in two weeks.

Next to some pretties that might get you excited before you begin the week!

the Everygirl is phenomenal.  Inspirational.  Loaded with good ideas, hot topics, and great interviews with great women.  If you have time - give it a try.  I am a recent addict.

I love good statement, jewelry pieces.  And, with Mother's Day literally around the corner, Pretty Please Jewelry Shop makes some of the girliest, sweetest pieces at prices I love...they are a "must follow" on Facebook.

Time to wrap it up and eat some sushi.  Weird combo with coffee and M&M's? ...absolutely!  And, let's be honest, I will also be tuning in to the RHOA Reunion happening right now on Bravo TV...

Boldly Yours,

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