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Wedding Decor Turned Home Decor

Wedding décor is just so gorgeous, it’s hard to imagine only using it for one day! Obviously the décor you choose will be a reflection of your own personal style; that is why we love the idea of purchasing pieces that can be reused in your home for many years to come.  The pieces you place in your home will be even more than just a gorgeous accessory; they will have so many wonderful memories associated with them as well!

A wedding is a big investment, so why not feel better about where you money is going by getting more use out of these amazing pieces?? 

I personally have an obsession with chandeliers; I could have one in every single room, chandeliers everywhere!  What I find even more special about them is the romantic ambiance that they can create at a wedding.  Don’t be afraid to invest in a piece like this, because it can absolutely be re-purposed into your home décor.  It would be amazing over your dining room table!  Plus, you will always have the memory of this being a part of your big day...maybe you will even say your vows right underneath those sparkly crystals...

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I continue to see more and more people using an escort board to display their seating assignments - and I love it.  They are very easy for guests to read and do not require guests to hold their escort card the entire cocktail hour.  The frame used to display the seating board is another item that could be reused in your home.  Escort boards can be done in many ways, whether the table assignments be professionally printed on a sign, written on a chalkboard, or displayed on ribbon (like below).  Any way you do it, a frame is usually required to give it that finishing touch.  Invest in one that fits the style that you and your fiance are planning to create in your home.  A gorgeous photo of the newlyweds would be perfect for the frame!  After the wedding - hang and enjoy.

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Reuse your monogram! We see a lot of custom monograms used on wedding day.  Again, invest in one made of substantial materials (wood, acrylic....) and display on your front door for years to come!  This is a great way to welcome guests to your home you now share with your official "other half"!

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A cardholder is always necessary at a gift table. A constant and cute idea we see is the birdcage.  Yes, it is back and it is fabulous! Of course, this accessory can also play double duty - chic, girly cardholder on wedding day and the perfect patio décor thereafter!

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These are just a few examples of how you can keep great pieces from your
wedding….forever!  My advice would be…if anything, invest in a chandelier...because, as I mentioned above - I am slightly obsessed. And, a light fixture can make a room.  Instantly.

But, truly, make wise selections and spend appropriately.  The money won't seem so "lost" if you know you will be able to enjoy the pieces for years to come.  The special memories that come with them will be an added "YES!!!!".  

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It is really impressive the wedding decor can also use to make home decor and it was very creative and gorgeous. I love this idea.

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