Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Coffee: Mother's Day Edition

A full belly, a full cup of joe and full lineup of client weddings on the horizon - that is what today has offered up to me.  

Today we hosted my family's monthly, 1st Sunday lunch - and we had a delicious Baked Potato Bar with so many wonderful toppings to choose from.  I filled up fast (and piled on the salsa and green onions) and had a great time hanging out with everyone.  Two babies in the group make things more interesting and they always take center stage.  

I think one thing my job has reinforced is that family is thee most important thing.  Without them, I wouldn't be as strong and I certainly would not be as supported in all that I do and dream to do.  

I work with families all day long - planning for special occasions and celebrations that will be in their memories forever.  I see a lot of hardships, arguments, strife, frustration, love...but, in the end, everything works out and family comes together.  Wedding and event planners are very often therapists, counselors and mediators and it is one of the toughest parts of our job.  But, I have learned so much while doing it.  And, I don't take my family for granted in the least.

With Mother's Day in front of us, I wanted to share some great gift ideas.  I can't wait to celebrate with my baby girl this time around.  My favorite part about being Mia's mommy?  The excitement I feel each and every morning when I wake.  I instantly think of her and am overjoyed to spend another day watching her grow.

With that, here are some fab finds - for any of the fabulous women in your life!

This shop is coming to the Fashion Mall really soon - and I, for one, will be a frequent visitor.  Their totes are a lovely option for mom or otherwise!

If you haven't heard the news - Kate Spade has launched a more affordable and super chic line called "Saturday".  Anything, literally, in this collection would be a most appropriate and gorgeous gift!

I feel like socks are a go-to gift.  Who doesn't love pretty socks?  Quirky, colorful, fun socks are the best. The best.  Especially for lounging and relaxing around the house.  Happy Socks is the place to shop for chic, unique foot covers.  

Enjoy your week and be sure to hug and celebrate family each and every day - even when you just aren't feelin' it.  

Boldly Yours,

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