Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Coffee: Prepping for Presents

It happens every year.  The holidays creep up on me.  And, then I begin thinking about all the changes that I want to implement into our business in the coming year.  It is a cycle that is important for every small company to go through on the regular.  Change being the most important part of that cycle.  So, expect bigger, better and different next year.  But, that is for another Sunday...

While I am feeling the rush of finding the right gifts for all the lovelies in my life, I wanted to share some of my favorites in hopes that maybe you will love them as much as I do!  Maybe something below will be the perfect surprise for someone in your life!

1.  For your favorite lady.  Tory wins every time in my book!  Her new beauty line is amaze.

2.  For your favorite guy.  At least for my sweetie, any of these J.Crew finds would be spot on.

3.  For the little ones.  Other than Toms and everything at Land of Nodthese make me smile and think of my little lady, Miss Mia.  

4.  For the girly-est of girls.  I have some friends in my life that I just know will appreciate this slew of pretty items.  This is that same category in which you might buy two of something - one as a gift and one for you.  Happens to me frequently.

Prints - so fun and so chic.  Plain and simple.  My favorite shop?  Pearls and Pastries.  And, don't forget to frame it and then wrap it! 

Accessories - every girl needs them.  My favorite shop? It changes often, but right now Kate Spade has it down pat.  

Something Yummy.  We all indulge this time of year and I refuse to apologize for it.  My favorite shop?  Dean and Deluca.  Always will be.

Whatever you hunt and gather - wrap it up wonderfully (details always matter!) and be sure to give lots of hugs and kisses to your loved ones this year.  As I learn each day, the ones that matter....matter.  A lot.  And, I certainly would not be where I am today without my special clan.

Boldly Yours,

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