Monday, December 16, 2013

BRIDES - Take a Break!

I can't believe how quickly the holidays creep up.  But, I say that every year.  This is about the time that I begin setting new goals, brainstorming new ideas for the next year and do a little house cleaning (figuratively and literally).  That is because, sometimes, as a person and a planner I know that if I don't take a break and regroup, my mind becomes mush and my creativity and patience go out the door.

I wanted to share that same advice with my BCE Brides, future and present.  I know you are in the midst of planning the most exciting day, but it should not consume you in any sense.  It shouldn't be all you think about.  It shouldn't replace time with your fiancé, family and friends.  Especially not in this season.  

That said, here are some easy ways to put the Pinterest down and start living in the moment instead of only thinking about wedding day...

1.  Make Plans.  Be active and get out of the house and away from your binder of contracts and details.  Meet a friend that is back in town for coffee or drinks.  Build a snowman.  See a movie.  Whatever it is - get out and forget about the planning for a bit!

2.  Unplug.  Put the computer away.  Shut off your phone.  Hide the iPad.  Stop Pinterest-ing.  Seriously.

3.  Relax.  Go to your favorite spa and treat yourself to a relaxing facial or massage.  Live it up - you are a bride-to-be!  Breathe easy and know that everything is going to be wonderful.

4.  Celebrate!  This is the brightest, liveliest season of the year.  Go to all those parties you are invited to!  Host your own!  And talk about something other than your wedding!

As a planner and a friend, trust me when I say that the planning can wait.  It really can.  I promise.  Things will come together and they will do so more easily when you are calm, collected and you have taken a break to enjoy other things in the process.  Your wedding is hugely important, but don't lose sight of the other very important things in your life.

I hope all my couples (past, present and future!) have amazing holiday memories with their families this year.  I wish you health, happiness and can't wait for all of the gorgeous 2014 nuptials!  


Boldly Yours,

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