Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Things You Probably Don't Know

Happy 20-14, friends!

In the spirit of "new beginnings", and in following our traditional "count blog" based on the new year, we thought it would be fun to share "14 Things You Probably Don't Know" about BCE!  Some are lighthearted, some are deeper but most are not that important at all.  We wanted to bring the new year in on a not-so-serious note.  We do a lot of "serious" around here while planning for events.  So, we are giving ourselves a break today.  I can say for sure that we deserve it!

So, let's roll...

14.  Christine is a planner.  Some of you have met her and some of you haven't.  But, she isn't an intern, she isn't an assistant.  She is a full-time planner for BCE with her own clientele.  She still works weddings with me and I work them with her, but we are a solid team of two and we are quite the duo.  Look for the red head, you can't miss her.

13.  We celebrate everything.  Whether it is a birthday, the first day of summer or just a really good Monday, we like to toast (after we get our work done) with a giant glass of wine or champs.

12.  Our favorite word to say around the office is "chic."  It just makes sense.

11.  We listen to rap while we work.  But we change the station when we have clients or potentials coming in...the secret is out!

10.  We love the adrenaline flow on wedding days.  We get "good" nerves on client wedding days.  We have butterflies, little appetite and the urge to make everything exactly as the client wants it to be.  

9.  Lori hates cake.  I do.  And I always hope my clients will understand when I opt out of tasting.  The smell alone makes me want to go home.

8.  We plan corporate events, too.  Each year, about 10% of our business is corporate.  We love taking a small break from weddings for a change of scenery.  

7.  We're neutral.  It might be hard for some to believe, but we really do stay neutral when it comes to recommending vendors.  We don't take kickbacks and we don't recommend a vendor that is clearly out of budget or the wrong style for a particular client.  We don't have a bulk list ready to send.  We create a list for each and every client.  And, we don't sway any client in any direction unless they ask for our two cents.  I promise.

6.  We scream and pout.  Just like everyone else, there are plenty of days we scream and complain about certain work situations.  We are human and we keep it real.  After we get it out of our system, we try to move on...or at least go to happy hour after the office closes.

5.  Christine can't eat pizza.  Just a random fact.  Stinks for her.  She cheats though...I have seen it.

4.  We love our interns.  Each semester we have one and each semester they rock.  We wouldn't make it through without them.

3.  We are friends.  Outside of office life, we actually hang out when we have time.  We get along wonderfully and laugh constantly.  We Snapchat all day and we create Vine videos when we remember it exists.

2.  We need bigger desks.  Maybe in 2014 we will order new desks.  Too much paperwork and not enough space!  

1.  We have a few things up our sleeve.  We are working on some new services and ventures this year and while they may take longer to get in place than I would like, I am determined to make things happen.  We want to continue to be creative in this business and we think Indy will appreciate it in the end!

While none of the above was vital for you to know, it was fun to share!  Our small team is always having a good time while doing what we love.  We hope the new year will inspire you to do the same!

Boldly Yours,

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