Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Coffee...or Wine?

I stink at this weekly posting thing.  And, even when I do get a minute to do it, my mind goes to the other trillion things I have to do/plan/tackle/remember.  Not complaining, jus-sayin'.

Since it is so far into the evening here at Chez Solomon, it is more like "Sunday Wine" not "Sunday Coffee".  But, I still have loads to share nonetheless!

As we seriously (and I say that because it always hits us like a ton of rocks) gear up for wedding season, I can't believe how lucky we are to have so many wonderful couples and vendors to work with this year!  Not only that, but our team is stronger than ever.  I am looking forward to a Spring and Summer full of LOTS of work and LOTS of play with the BCE girlies!  Plus, we have a couple out-of-state weddings in our midst and road trips with us just can't be beat.

All that said, as you gear up for your busy week, here are some of my recent, favorite finds that would be perfect for any special occasion or celebration your have on the calendar as the sun begins to shine!

1.  PENCIL SHAVINGS - colorful, bright and pretty things for every girly girl!

2.  TIFFANY PRATT - stylish, creative and unique prints.  Because I really am too blessed to be stressed!

3.  PIXEL AND HANK - trendy, easy and just what I need for the hair.

4.  Local Love - TASTEFUL TIMES - haven't tried it yet, but I love artisan food and wine so it is on my "stop there soon" list!

Time to pour more wine into the glass and turn on some chic shows! 

Boldly Yours,

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