Saturday, January 10, 2015

15 Reasons

Photo by Megan W
Location: Monument Circle, Downtown Indy

Happy New Year!  We basically stink at posting blogs.  So, that is that.  But, every year I work to create a kickoff blog that highlights the new number we are now using when dating things.  15.

BCE had a phenomenal 2014, but we hate standing still so we are focusing on all the great new things to come this year.

I get asked all the time "what do you love about Indy?" or "why should I host my wedding in the Indy area?".  Let me tell you - there are a million reasons.  But, because "15" is the magic number, let's start with that amount.

1.  Small, on a big scale.  Indy is a small, big city - in my opinion.  You get everything you want and love about a small, lovely city paired with the hustle and bustle of larger cities.  That means that your guests won't be bored, there is always something going on and it will never feel empty.

2.  Money Stretches.  We can all agree that Indy is a great place to live because of the reasonable cost of living.  The same is true for weddings.  The cost is reasonable in every aspect.  There is something for all budget levels and it makes for a wonderful planning experience.

3.  Seasons.  Love them or hate them, Indy excels here.  We work within a part of the country that experiences each and every season and weather-type on a pretty regular schedule.  Toward the end of each, we are ready for the next.  But, for weddings, you have a choice of seasons.  Choices are great!

4.  Selection.  Some small, big cities don't have the selection of wedding professionals that Indy has available.  There are a lot of experts to choose from when you plan your vows here in Indy.  A variety of talents, styles, price points and experience levels exists here - and it is something that brides and grooms might think this city lacks.  Not true in the slightest.

Location: Downtown Indy

5.  Hospitality.  Hoosiers have it like no one else.  End of Reason #5.

6.  Middle of Everything.  Indy is a great location for those that have family that will need to travel from all parts of the country.  

7.  Progress makes perfect.  Our city continually builds, invests in, invents and creates new attractions for patrons.  It is amazing how many times I am reading about something new that is in the works and how much I am in awe of what is happening all around me.  I always have a list going of the new places I want to visit, try get it.  This all makes for a terrific place to host such a special celebration.

8.  Light on your Feet.  The downtown area is walkable.  You don't have to risk the chance of sore feet as you get from Point A to Point B.  I love that our city allows that.  After all, Indy was named one of the most walkable cities in the country.  That is saying something.

9.  Fancy but not fancy.  I love fancy.  But, lots of residents are more down-to-earth in the Indy area.  It is a city full of non-fancy fun if you want it OR fancy if you are like me.  You can sit back with a basic beverage and relax or you can easily find a more upscale option to sip your martini and listen to live Blues.

10.  Accommodations galore.  The options for guest hotels is endless.  Indy has the staple hotels and a handful of boutique and luxury options.  Not all small, big cities can say the same and I love that about our little spot on the map.

11.  Safety.  Okay, I will admit that lately it might seem like Indy has been in the news for some extra crime.  But, the city does still continue to be very, very safe.  And, that is important for any large group of people gathering in one city for a special occasion.

12.  Skyline Views.  So many clients of ours tell us they are looking for that "city feel" on wedding day.  They love the urban style but aren't sure that Indy can pull it off.  Let me just say - Indy can.  With a great list of venues available and a skyline that is pleasing from all angles, this city can fit nearly any style you love.

Location: taken from Skyline Club in Downtown Indy

13.  Art & Culture.  Indy has an abundance of this, believe it or not.  From theatre to special, traveling exhibits across town, from live music to a visit to the Wholesale District - there is a touch of everything.  Indy has neighborhoods that are trendy, independent, artsy, historical, eclectic and traditional.  It's exciting to think about and it is just another reason to invite your friends and family here to celebrate you and your fiancé.

14.  After party options.  The nightlife is big and bright in the Circle City.  Who doesn't want the party to continue long after the wedding reception is over?!  Indy offers a ton of options including dance clubs, lounges, tequila bars, Biergartens, mixology spots, breweries - everything, really.  

Photo by Dixon Digital
Location: Chase Tower, Downtown Indy

15.  The Surprise Element.  Indy surprises nearly everyone who visits.  If you plan correctly, your guests will be pleasantly shocked with what this city looks like, offers and how different it is from the stereotype it has many times been associated with - boring and Midwestern.  I love hearing guests say how much they have enjoyed their stay here and how it is much more than they thought.  That makes for a very memorable experience - something you want your guests to feel as they leave town after you have tied the knot.

Indy is terrific.  I love it for all of the above reasons and more.  My job is so fun because of this place and I think hosting an Indy-based wedding is one of the best decisions a couple can make!  

Happy 20-15, everyone!  Cheers to another beautiful year!

Boldly Yours,

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