Friday, February 20, 2015

Fitting the Mold: Destination Weddings

Photo by Andrew Scalini
BCE Couple - Ashley & Jimmy

Each year we have a few clients who come to us interested in a Destination Wedding, but aren't sure if this is for them or not. It is an important decision, as choosing a location and venue are a top priority to begin the wedding planning process. We want to share 5 Signs that may help you determine if you fit the "Destination Wedding" mold.

(Maybe this is on our minds today too, because it is absolutely freezing here? - Highly likely!)

You might be the perfect couple to host a Destination Wedding if you...

1. Love to Travel
Of course this is a huge sign! Do you and your fiance have a frequented vacation spot? This is a perfect time to share it with family and friends.  Or maybe you have always wanted to visit a certain location together - why not use this as the chance to do it!?

2. Hate Tradition
Weddings are so different then what they used to be - you definitely do not have to stick to "tradition" any longer. As a couple, you may not envision yourselves getting married in a church, or holding the reception in a ballroom - and that is okay! We often hear this and love brainstorming with each couple to execute their own unique celebration.  Sometimes that means getting out of the Midwest.

Photo by Andrew Scalini
BCE Couple - Ashley & Jimmy

3. Envision an Intimate Wedding
Some of our couples really struggle with their guest count and have a hard time deciding when it is appropriate to "cut" guests.  Often times, you may feel bad not inviting a co-worker or a distant cousin. Planning a destination wedding may be just what you need, and a way to avoid those awkward conversations.  Having a small guest count will also give you more time to actually enjoy each and every guest in attendance. At a larger wedding, you may not get the chance to converse with everyone, and miss some of the celebration if you wish to try to squeeze that in.

4. Want More Time to Celebrate
A destination wedding ends up being a vacation for most guests. Meaning, they have 3-4 days dedicated all to you! Each day, you are likely to have other events/activities going on, which gives you more time to spend with everyone. This could be a Welcome Party as everyone arrives, scheduled activities or excursions the next day, the Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Day, Brunch on their last day, etc. Your guest count will consist of your very closest family and friends, so why not make this the most exciting mini-vacay of your life!?

5. Love things YOUR Way
Your venue and/or destination is likely to be something your guests have never seen before. Which means you will have less opinions from select family members who want to share those "well, at my wedding..." stories. :) As a couple, you have the freedom to make this truly YOURS. You will likely be planning from afar, which makes it even more difficult to include more voices in the planning process. All you need is your other half - and your planner of course! :)

There might be no place like home, but there is also nothing better than vacation planned especially in celebration of such a monumental time!

Boldly Yours,

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