Thursday, July 9, 2015

Plan with a Grain of Salt

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Our job is intense, emotional and heavy.  Each day we work with clients we care so much about and with which we have developed a friendship.  We listen and hear what is important to them and what means the most for their wedding day. As their friend, we always agree!  As their planner, we have to step back and give them our best professional advice.  And, sometimes, that is not what they want to hear.  But, it is so important that a couple keep perspective as they go through the planning.  Getting caught up in tiny decisions or set backs almost always ruins the fun engagement experience, and we hate to see that!

It is so very easy to get engulfed in the ideas you have (ahem, Pinterest) and move away from what is really happening around you.  You are engaged to marry the one you love!  Period.

So, instead of spending HOURS looking at all the ideas online and believing that your decor will match exactly the picture from the staged photo shoot that cost thousands of dollars to produce...plan with a grain of salt.  Lighten up.  Stop sweating.  Things are going to be lovely and wonderful and beautiful and stress-free.  But only if you allow them to be.

Here are the Top 5 Things our clients overthink.  We recommend easing up and trusting your initial decisions - change is good in life, but change in wedding planning is actually exhausting and usually not necessary.

Photography - The photographer you have hired is a professional - relax! You do not have to remind them to get a shot of your dress on a hanger. They know exactly what details and moments to capture - just let the day flow and have fun!  When you begin to create a crazy list of "details" for them to photograph, they lose time to be the artist you loved so much in the first place.

Welcome Bags - Drop these off to the hotel front desk, give instructions and MOVE ON. I know it's tough - but you will drive yourself nuts if you spend all your time worrying about that one family member not receiving the bag just because the hotel got something wrong.  You have so, so many bigger things happening that day/weekend - that you should not let this bother you.  They still love you and if they complain about not getting their "gift" I am not sure they are there for the right reasons anyway.  All is well.  We promise.

Invitations - You have zero control once you drop these in the giant outgoing blue box. Realize that early and know the mail system isn't perfect. Human error will occur while you plan - but if you take things with a grain of salt, you will have much more fun going through this exciting process!

Linens and Table Design - Trust your gut. You know your style and have the guidance of your vendors. Once you've selected your fabulous linens and table settings, do not continue searching photos and websites to find out what might be even better than what you've selected! After this decision - no more Pinterest, you will thank us.

Florals - Do not have your heart set on an exact replica of a bouquet you've seen online.  Have faith that your florist will create something stunning for you, but it is nearly impossible to create an exact match to the photo you fell in love with.  Especially when the photo has been edited to create the perfect color on that bud you see on your computer screen.  Not realistic.  Photos are for inspiration, not copy-cats.

Emails/Phone Calls - Please know that your vendors honestly do adore you and we love to help! But, please don't stop breathing if you haven't heard from someone in under 24 hours. Just as your wedding is on the weekend, we probably are unable to chat as much on a Friday or Saturday due to client events. In addition, many wedding vendors do not work on Monday due to their long weekend schedule.  We live, love and adore our job.  But we, too, need a break to stay on our game when we are back at the office.  Longer than a 24 hour time frame may be a cause for concern - but receiving an answer to a simple question can wait a day or two!  

Enjoy this time and enjoy each other!! You are getting MARRIED to your love - not to your linens.

Boldly Yours,
Lori & Christine

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